The region of Silesia, located in the southeastern part of Poland, is historically a center of hard industry. It boasts of an interesting history and many rich traditions and hearty, homemade recipes that were born out of its old, industrial landscape. Its capital is the bustling city of Katowice, a place that offers visitors plenty of attractions to explore! The heart of an agglomeration of over 2-million people it was once identified as a booming center of heavy industry and it is still recognized for its numerous mines, old ironworks and factories. In this episode host, Aleksandra August, dives deep into the rich past of the Silesian mining communities, learning about the region’s traditions, history, and tastes through its capital.

While in Katowice she explores the city’s numerous monuments, old and modern architecture and takes a walk through the city’s historic neighborhood, Nikiszowiec, the heart of the region’s old workers communities and the birthplace of its unique cuisine. Her visit also includes a tour down underground to the Guido Mine in Zabrze, an old coal mine located nearly 1,000 feet beneath the surface of the earth, today a museum that allows visitors to learn about the everyday life of the Silesian miners with unique, first-hand experiences and tours through its fascinating exhibits (the authentic, old work areas of the miners). Throughout her tour of Katowice and its surroundings she samples the region’s warm and hearty menu, a collection of old recipes that have been passed on from generation to generation carefully preserved in their original form - a unique red cabbage dish called Modra Kapusta, Silesia’s famous beef roulade with dumplings, apple strudel, local, craft beers and more.

Inspired by these regional specialties, back at home in her kitchen she shares a recipe for a traditional Silesian Sunday dinner, a hearty meal, historically prepared to celebrate the end of a long week of hard work comprised of three of the region’s iconic dishes: the beef roulade stuffed with pickle, mustard and bacon, Silesian dumplings and Modra Kapusta that she had a chance to try on her visit to the region.

Viewers will have a chance to experience this characteristic part of Poland and try its tastes in episode #7 of the Flavor of Poland series.