Lublin is the capital of the Lublin region of Poland. It’s a city of many important historical events and great significance. The first settlements formed here in the times of King Bolesław Chrobry and the city was formed as early as 1198. Lublin was a city that attracted Kings, inventors and some of the greatest Polish minds. Due to its long history, the area abounds in legends and countless old relics and monuments left over from centuries past.

In this episode viewers will explore the history and culture of Lublin with a stroll through its historic city center, visiting its square and important monuments such as the Cracow Gate, and the Lublin Castle. Along the way they’ll be introduced to some of the city’s flavor as host, Aleksandra August, stops by one of its old town cafes to speak with a local about the city’s favorite baked good, the cebularz. She’ll give this iconic Lublin good a try and learn more about this product’s long tradition and how it has survived in the region to this day.

The episode also includes a trip to the outskirts of the city of Lublin to the small town of Kazimierz Dolny, Poland’s modern mecca for artists. While there, viewers will be taken on a stroll through the charming town, learning about its history, monuments and local legends. After a stroll along the nearby Wisła River in Kazimierz Dolny, Aleksandra will uncover all the culinary traditions of Poland’s Lublin region with a visit to one of its favorite restaurants, Na Piętrze. Here, she sits down for a meal with the restaurant’s owner sampling the local onion soup, the iconic Polish cabbage rolls called gołąbki and much, much more.

Aleksandra returns home to recreate a couple of the region’s iconic dishes, showing viewers how to make them at home too. She brings back regional recipes for two of Poland’s favorite dishes - gołąbki and pierogi with a unique, sweet filling!

Bring these iconic Polish flavors into your home and take a walk through Poland’s beautiful Lublin region in episode #11 of Flavor of Poland.