In this episode of Flavor of Poland viewers are taken to one of the most stunning natural landscapes of Poland – the Warmian-Masurian region, otherwise referred to as “The Land of a Thousand Lakes,” “The Green Lungs of Poland,” “One of Nature’s Wonders,” or colloquially speaking, “Mazury.” This enchanting region of Poland is a breathtaking landscape filled with age old forests, thousands of lakes, rivers and numerous horse-stables. This is a part of Poland that invites tourists and locals alike for rest, relaxation and reflection.


From both its land and its lakes host, Aleksandra August, takes viewers on a beautiful journey through this picturesque region of Poland showing them the local cuisine, heritage and history. Viewers are taken on a stroll into the region’s capital, Olsztyn, where they learn about the city’s long history and its connection to the world-famous astronomer, Nicolaus Copernicus. They also have a chance to cross the region’s lakes to visit local restaurants and learn about the region’s cuisine, one that is inspired by the its natural surroundings. Viewers will learn about regional favorites such as its mouthwatering, freshwater fish plates, crayfish soup, freshwater salmon stuffed pierogi, crayfish butter and more! The tour continues with a visit to one of the largest snail farms in Poland located in the village of Krasin, where Aleksandra learns about the history of the snail in Polish cuisine and the current rebirth of its production and export in Poland!

Upon her return home, Aleksandra shows viewers how to recreate some of the tastes of Poland’s “Mazury” with a recipe for a sorrel and crayfish soup, a trout baked in cream, and a homemade, Polish cheesecake!

You can take a trip to Poland’s Mazury with Aleksandra in episode #5 of the Flavor of Poland series.