In this episode of Flavor of Poland viewers are taken on a one-of-a-kind journey to the very birthplace of Poland! This sentimental walk through the Greater Poland region takes viewers on a tour of its capital city, Poznań, as well as the nearby town of Gniezno, two places on Poland’s map that played a very significant role in its early days as a nation. The sites where some of the earliest events of Poland’s history took place, both Poznań and Gniezno feature countless important monuments, some reaching as far back as the 10th century. This is where Poland’s earliest rulers and historic figures lay buried in the crypts of the nation’s first Cathedrals and churches.

Aleksandra takes viewers on a walk far back into Poland’s history by visiting the numerous monuments, museums and historic sites found in the region that are tied to Poland’s early days as a nation – Poznań’s Ostrów Tumski, the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul, the Poznań Fara Church, and the Royal Gniezno Cathedral are just a few of the important sites about which viewers will have a chance to learn. Along the way, Aleksandra will also explore the region’s local culture, exploring the beautiful city of Poznań through its stunning square and taking a walk through its charming Old Town streets and surrounding parks. While in the Greater Poland region she learns about why, historically, it has been described as a “land flowing of milk and honey,” and tests whether that saying is still true today by sampling local traditions, modern restaurants and pubs along her tour. She tries regional specialties such as the St. Martin Croissant, a unique local soup called “Rumpuć,” and the region’s famous “pyry,” commonly known as potatoes (the region’s most popular food item).

Upon returning to her kitchen, Aleksandra brings Greater Poland’s potato tradition back with her, showing viewers a simple recipe for a baked potato, popular in this region, called “Pyra z Gzikiem,” (a baked potato with a flavored farmer’s cheese and chives). For dessert, she shows viewers how to make Poland’s famous “chrust,” better known as “angel wings” in English.

Take this very special journey into the Greater Poland region and learn about how the story of Poland began in episode #9 of the Flavor of Poland series.