In this episode of Flavor of Poland viewers are taken on a tour of the Sub-Carpathian region. This is home to the beautiful city of Rzeszów, a region with a long and rich history and a part of Poland that abounds in beautiful natural surroundings – countless, lush forests, parks and mountains.


Viewers will have a chance to explore the region beginning with a stroll through Rzeszów (the region’s capital). The city of Rzeszów has a history that dates back to 1354 and it prides itself with countless, impressive monuments, a diverse and unique cuisine. While in the city host, Aleksandra August, will take viewers on a walk to explore the city’s old castles, churches and important monuments, explaining their significance to both the local and national history.

Along the way, she’ll uncover the traditional tastes of the region too. The sub-Carpathian region of Poland is a true blend of various traditions, cultures and flavors that rose out of the natural landscape. Various ethnic groups and national traditions formed here over many centuries. Most commonly embraced were the courtly tastes and customs of the Polish eastern borderlands, but also influential were peasant and folk traditions as well as Armenian, Jewish, German, Hungarian and Austrian tastes. For centuries, these cuisines existed here in parallel, blending and borrowing from one another distinguishing the sub-Carpathian menu from the other regions of Poland.

In this episode viewers will learn about the region’s everyday staple dishes such as Żurek (sour-rye soup), herring, blood sausage, aspic, and more; but, they’ll also learn about its finer tastes too. Paying a visit to the historic, Dubiecko Castle, the old home of one of Poland’s most esteemed poets, Ignacy Krasicki, and today a holding place of the region’s noble traditions, Aleksandra uncovers the historic culinary traditions of the area’s upper classes and has a try of some of its finest game meat fare.

Back home in her kitchen, Aleksandra shows TV viewers how to make two iconic dishes of the Sub-Carpathian region – the Polish sour-rye soup called Żurek and Makowiec – a poppy seed pastry roll. Two dishes that also happen to be a staple of Poland’s national culinary tradition.

Join Aleksandra for a historic and culinary exploration of Poland’s beautiful Sub-Carpathian region in episode #3 of the Flavor of Poland series.