In this episode of Flavor of Poland, we’ll explore the traces of Poland’s Teutonic history with a visit to the beautiful medieval city of Toruń, capital of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian region of Poland, as well as and the town of Malbork located just outside of the region. Founded in the 13th century by the Teutonic Knights Order, Toruń is one of Poland’s oldest and historically richest cities, once a member of the great, Hanseatic League.

While in Toruń, viewers will be introduced to its countless monuments – the medieval city complex, the Old Town Hall, the Teutonic Castle, the Leaning Tower just to name a few. They’ll take a walk to the birthplace of one of history’s most important astronomers, Nicolaus Copernicus and they’ll also discover the more than 700-year history and tradition of the iconic Toruń gingerbread as they follow host, Aleksandra August, for a tour of the Toruń Gingerbread Museum.

Viewers will also learn about the region’s other traditional tastes as Aleksandra visits a local Toruń restaurant to try a plate of its iconic goose meat (a meat that the region is recognized for). The journey doesn’t end in Toruń, however. Still curious about the traces of the epic Teutonic history in Poland, Aleksandra ventures out beyond Kuyavian-Pomerania to visit the grand, Malbork Castle, located just on its outskirts. The Malbork Castle an UNESCO World Heritage Site and a spectacle of history not to be missed when visiting this part of Poland. While at the castle Aleksandra will take viewers on a tour of the fortress, showing them about the old way of life of the Teutonic Knights. While there, she also pays a very special visit to the Gothic Restaurant and Café (the only eatery on the castle grounds) for a very special culinary history and cooking lesson from one of the best experts on the topic, Chef Bogdan Gałązka, co-owner of the castle restaurant, its head chef an culinary historian. In this very special segment with Chef Bogdan viewers will learn more about what the Teutonic Orders’ diet entailed and what dictated taste preferences and culinary traditions.

Take this unique walk through Malbork and Toruń and explore an important part of Poland’s medieval past in the 10th episode of the Flavor of Poland series.