Few cities can leave visitors so much in awe and admiration as Poland’s capital! This is a city where some of the most important aspects of Poland’s national history lie beautifully conserved alongside modern life and innovation. Warsaw is where tourists from near and far come to uncover the essence of Polish culture, its heritage and its culinary riches, both the old and the new.


In this episode of Flavor of Poland viewers will be taken on an unbelievable walk through the Polish capital uncovering important, historic monument sites such as the Old Town district, the Royal Castle, Barbican, Łazienki Royal Baths Park, Monuments to Young Heroes of the Warsaw Uprising and Wilanów Palace! Along the way host, Aleksandra August, will take a stroll through some of the modern areas of the city as well, exploring its skyscrapers and paying a visit to some of its most elegant and modern restaurants.

In this tour of Warsaw viewers will learn about the characteristic flavors, foods and ingredients of Poland’s past and present from some of its most esteemed chefs, food historians and restauranteurs. The traditional cuisine of Warsaw and its region, called Masovia, is a blend of Polish folk traditions, international influences and Old Polish royal tastes. From a visit to Atelier Amaro, Poland’s first Michelin Star awarded restaurant, the creation of Poland’s most accomplished modern chef, Wojciech Modest Amaro, to a culinary history lesson and cooking class with Chef Maciej Nowicki, director of the Polish Culinary Heritage reconstruction program at Wilanów Palace, viewers will see the evolution and riches of the Polish capital’s cuisine, from the tastes of its past through modern day innovations. For dessert, Aleksandra will take viewers to one of Warsaw’s oldest and most popular bakeries, the Zagoździński Pastry Workshop, for a sample of Poland’s world-famous sweet – pączki!

Warsaw has been and still is today an international city with doors wide open to the world and yet at its core remains the essence of all that is Polish. This sentimental and fascinating walk through Warsaw leaves a mark upon all 5 senses. We invite you to explore the beauty and the riches of the Polish capital in the second episode of the Flavor of Poland series.