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flavorofpoland, Alexandra August, Cracow flavorofpoland, Alexandra August, Cracow  flavorofpoland, poland, flavor flavorofpoland, Alexandra August, Cracow  flavorofpoland, poland, flavor  flavorofpoland, poland, flavor


Flavor of Poland is a culinary-travel television series which will, for the first time in the history of American Public Television, present the country of Poland to American TV viewers like they’ve never seen it before! Having crossed thousands of miles across Poland, visiting over 30 cities, towns and villages and exploring the country’s most majestic landscapes from north to south and east to west, the Flavor of Poland team met with locals, historic, cultural and culinary experts, capturing the most beautiful aspects of Poland on film to bring back to the U.S. and share them all with American TV viewers.

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We would like to announce that our TV Series, Flavor of Poland , 🇵🇱 won a SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENT HONOREE AWARD in the category BEST OF EUROPE 🏅 in the prestigious 12th Annual Taste Awards, 2021!

flavorofpoland, Alexandra August, Cracow
    Flavor of Poland was also a finalist in five additional categories:
  • BEST FOOD PROGRAM - Television

Big thanks to the ACADEMY OF MEDIA TASTEMAKERS, our host @AleksandraAugust , special guests, our incredible crew and everyone who helped make this program possible, especially our wonderful Sponsors: @polishslavicfederalcreditunion @LOTPolishAirlines, @BaronChocolatier, @Ernestrust, and all the Donators. Special thanks to @WTTW - Chicago PBS, @American Public Television, @CreateTV @PBS @TasteAwards🌹❤️

But most of all, we would like to extend a warm Thank You to all of the amazing viewers of our program! Thank you for tuning in every week and joining us for this truly special and very delicious adventure around Poland! Hope to take you on another one again soon! ✈️🇺🇸🇵🇱

Congrats to the all the nominees, finalists and winners! We’re so proud to be among you!

THANKS @tasteawards! ✨✨✨ www.TheTasteAwards.com

The 13-episode series premiered on American Public Television / PBS in January 2020, and has been warmly received by viewers and station programmers nationwide.

The first season of Flavor of Poland has built a strong audience, total nationwide carriage to date is 92%, and we know the next season will achieve similar high carriage. The series has recorded over 24,000 broadcasts since the January premiere, and additional broadcasts are scheduled in the months ahead! Additionally, Flavor of Poland was broadcast on the CREATE channel, the public television channel featuring 24/7 lifestyle programming (cooking, travel, health/wellness, home improvement, etc.). After one year of broadcast, the series was watched by over 65 million viewers across the US! (In over 360 local stations).

The program is the first of its kind in American TV history focused exclusively on Poland, giving viewers a more in-depth look into the country’s history, culture, traditions and culinary heritage.

The series presents Poland as an open and welcoming country with European class and style, focused on its modernity and progression, while honoring its rich culture and national heritage. The program portrays a positive image of Poland and was created to celebrate the estimated 10 million Polish-Americans currently living in the United States.

If you think that your company, product, restaurant, hotel, business, etc. should exist on the American market and and appear in the minds of Americans and Polish-Americans:

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Learn about what you’ll see in each episode of Flavor of Poland by clicking on Poland’s regions below.
The regions with text are the 13 regions featured in this series of Flavor of Poland.
Click to see an overview on each episode and tune into your local American Public Television channel
to learn more about the local culture, traditions and foods of each region!

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